The death of an era….or is it?

As I logged on to Facebook last night the first thing I saw was “God bless the U.S. Military! That bastard is DEAD!” (thanks Matt Lechner). I was shocked, dismayed and then continued reading only to find out it was Osama Bin Laden. As I turned on the tv it was clear that while I wasn’ the last to know, I was dang close to it!

CNN had a reporter at the White House who was interrupted several times by chants of   “U S A! U S A!” and the Star Spangled Banner. It was amazing! For the last five years or so the United States has suffered. There has been little to no pride and certainly not people banning together to cheer for their nation, it was very moving.

After I woke up my husband to tell him (as I suspect many did) we watched the news until around midnight cst. It was amazing and alarming how quickly the information about how it happened was coming in. Once President Obama spoke, the information coming in was like wildfire!

Again this morning I was glued to the television…but this time it was different. I was explaining it to my children. Children who were born after the Twin Towers were set ablaze, children who understand beyond their years but can’t comprehend being mean to people for no reason, children who will struggle with and continue to the fight in the aftermath, becasue it isn’t over.

Let me say it again…IT ISN’T OVER.   We took a HUGE chunk out of the fight, but the man had 19 kids. Six have now been arrested and one killed along with his father, but there are more like him out there.  

We still have troops and their families oversees, hopefully there are no serious retailations. I know there will be some, but for our troops and all those involved let’s hope they are minimal.  Not to mention we are still fighting in Libya and what if any did the Pakistan government know about him being there. There are so many unsanswered questions surrounding this.

For now we rejoice, but please let’s not forget those who gave and continue to give to ensure our freedoms to celebrate like they did in front of the White House and at Ground Zero in New York last night.

I will end this with my other favorite Facebook quote last night from Christy Berg “Thank you G.W. Bush for starting the war on terrorism & our American troops for standing up for our freedom & Obama for finishing it.”  

A true team effort indeed…keep the United States United!!